IT Consulting  

  Corporate IT Strategy Formulation
  Corporate IT Platforms Definition
  Corporate Processes Development & Documentation
  Identification of Specific Projects/ Implementation
  Project Feasibility Analysis
  Specific Projects Business Case Definition
  Technology Due Diligence Services

Project Definition  

  Project Business Case Definition
  Business Requirements Definition
  Technical Requirements Definition
  Quality Requirements Definition
  Security Requirements Definition
  Request For Proposal Definition
  Proposals Evaluation/ Second Opinion
  Requirements Audit/ Second Opinion

IT Architecture  

  Definition and Specification of IT Infrastructure
  Third Party Platforms/ Products / Solutions
  Second Opinion
  Real-time Communications/ Interoperations
  Definition of Solution Architecture
  UML Software Design
  E/R Database Design
  Quality Requirements Formulation


Custom Development  

  Complete cycle of software development
  Coding and implementation
  Design and development of new product versions
  Applied computer science and mathematical research
  and solution identification

Quality Assurance  

  Test Strategy Definition and Documentation
  Test Plan Development
  Test Cases Development
  Functional Testing
  Integration Testing
  Usability Testing
  Load and Stress Testing
  Security Verification
  Test Automation

System Support  

  Engineering Support
  Bug Fixing
  Integrations With New Systems
  Lifecycle Support
  Performance Monitoring and Management
  Service Availability Management
  Usability Surveys
  User Support
  Web CRM